Norris Clinches First F1 Victory in Miami Grand Prix

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Norris drops F-bomb after “about time” maiden F1 win in Miami

Lando Norris secured his maiden Formula 1 victory at the Miami Grand Prix, benefiting from a well-timed mid-race safety car period that allowed him to make a pitstop without losing his lead. This strategic advantage, combined with Norris’s impressive performance, saw him dominate the race and cross the finish line ahead of championship leader Max Verstappen, marking an emotional milestone in his career.

Despite coming close to victory on multiple occasions in the past, including a memorable near-win at the 2021 Russian Grand Prix, Norris had yet to claim the top spot until the Miami race. His joy and relief were evident in his post-race interview with Jenson Button, where he candidly expressed his feelings, punctuated with expletives, highlighting the significance of the moment for him and his team.


Reflecting on his journey to victory, Norris acknowledged the challenges and setbacks he faced throughout the race weekend, including a tricky sprint qualifying session and an early exit in Saturday’s sprint race. However, he believed in the potential of his upgraded McLaren and credited the team for putting together the perfect strategy that ultimately paid off.

Throughout his career, Norris has been open about his mistakes and setbacks, but he maintained unwavering faith in the McLaren team, which has supported him since the beginning. He expressed pride in his team’s collective effort and his decision to stick with McLaren despite doubts from others, emphasizing the belief he had in them and how their performance in Miami validated that belief.

For Norris, the victory in Miami was not only a personal triumph but also a testament to the teamwork and dedication of the McLaren squad. As he celebrated his long-awaited win, he thanked his team, as well as his family, for their support and remained focused on continuing to deliver strong performances in the future, building on the success achieved in Miami.

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