Norris Happy to Show Doubters He Can Win in F1

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Norris pleased to prove doubters wrong after maiden F1 win

In Sunday’s Miami Grand Prix, Lando Norris clinched victory over Red Bull’s Max Verstappen following a mid-race safety car period, allowing him to restart in the lead and eventually pull away convincingly.

After enduring 109 races without a podium-topping finish, Norris’s inaugural win felt long overdue. However, the 24-year-old maintained unwavering confidence in his abilities despite perceived doubts from others.

Reflecting on his journey, Norris highlighted moments where victory seemed within reach but ultimately slipped away, such as the 2021 Russian Grand Prix. Despite setbacks, Norris remained resolute, trusting in his skills and team to deliver when the time was right.

Lando Norris
Lando Norris (Credits: Autosport)

Norris acknowledged the skepticism surrounding his capabilities, particularly in high-pressure situations, citing instances where critics pointed to past mishaps. Yet, he remained undeterred, focusing on his performance and letting his results speak for themselves.

Addressing the doubters, Norris emphasized his determination to silence skepticism through his actions on the track rather than engaging in verbal sparring. He took pride in proving detractors wrong and relished the opportunity to showcase his true potential.

Despite the challenges and naysayers, Norris’s triumph in Miami served as a testament to his perseverance and self-belief, marking a significant milestone in his Formula 1 career.


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