Exploring the Sony Honda Afeela in GT7’s First Drive

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Exploring the Sony Honda Afeela in GT7's First Drive
Sony Honda Afeela (credits: Sony Honda Mobility)

It’s been a little over a year since Sony and Honda introduced their joint project, the Afeela electric car. Recently, an updated version of the car was showcased at CES. However, both companies haven’t shared much about the technical details of the car, focusing more on its interior and entertainment features. When we noticed that the Afeela was included in “Gran Turismo 7,” we saw a chance to learn more about its mechanics and maybe get a hint of its driving experience.

Now, let’s not get too serious about this virtual drive. Obviously, playing on a Playstation 5 with a controller won’t give us the true feel of driving, especially when it comes to steering. Even though Gran Turismo games strive for realism, they’re still designed for accessibility and controller play. There are several reasons why this virtual drive isn’t a perfect road test, but it’s still a fun opportunity to uncover some secrets about this intriguing car.

When we fired up the game, we hoped to find some concrete numbers. But it seems Sony and Honda have kept those under wraps, even from the game developers. The car’s horsepower, torque, and weight are all left unspecified. Even adjusting settings like power restrictors doesn’t provide much insight. However, we did manage to find some clues about its performance, like its weight balance and an estimated quarter-mile time.

Exploring the Sony Honda Afeela in GT7's First Drive
Sony Honda Afeela (credits: Sony Honda Mobility)

In terms of performance, the Afeela falls between two Tesla models in the game. It’s equipped with a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive setup, which feels similar to traditional all-wheel-drive cars. During our test drives on the Nürburgring track, the Afeela demonstrated stability and control, without much tendency for oversteer or understeer. It reached a top speed of 145 mph on the main straight, faster than one Tesla model but slower than another. However, it seemed to lose power more noticeably at higher speeds compared to the Tesla Model S.

These impressions are based on a video game simulation and played with a controller. The real-life driving experience could differ significantly. Nonetheless, this virtual drive has sparked our curiosity about the Afeela, and we look forward to experiencing the real thing if and when it becomes available.


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