Honda Showcases Revolutionary Hydrogen Truck at ACT Expo

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Class 8 tractors (Credits: Honda)

There are big trucks called Class 8 tractors that run on hydrogen. Hyundai has one at the Port of Oakland. It’s called the Xcient FCEV, and it moves things around the port. It can also get more hydrogen at a special station there.

Hyundai wants to use this truck in Georgia too. It will carry things from the Port of Savannah to a new factory. Honda also wants to join in on the hydrogen truck action. They’re showing off a new truck at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Las Vegas.

This new truck from Honda is interesting for a few reasons. First, it uses the same kind of fuel cell as the Honda CR-V e:FCEV. Honda made these cells with GM, and they’re built in Michigan. The truck has three of these fuel cell systems. Together, they make 240 kilowatts of power, or about 322 horsepower.

Honda Showcases Revolutionary Hydrogen Truck at ACT Expo
Class 8 tractors (Credits: Honda)

But the most important thing is that they charge a big battery. Fuel cells charge the battery at a steady rate, and then the battery powers the electric motors. Honda didn’t say how strong the motors are or how many there are. The truck has a tank for hydrogen that can hold 181 pounds. This is enough to go about 400 miles when the truck is fully loaded. The truck itself weighs about 28,500 pounds, leaving room for almost 53,000 pounds of cargo. The truck can go up to 70 miles per hour.

The other interesting thing is that Honda doesn’t usually sell big trucks like this in the U.S. But if this one goes into production, it would be the first. Honda is looking for business partners and customers to help sell these trucks in North America. They say these trucks could save a lot of fuel. But it depends on who pays for the hydrogen stations.

Honda wants to use these fuel cells in different things, not just trucks. They also want to show off their Autonomous Work Vehicle at the Expo. It’s a small electric cart that can drive itself or be controlled from far away. Honda wants to expand its hydrogen business and make all its products and activities have no impact on the environment by 2050.


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