Pushing the Limits: How Fast Can You Drive a Hyundai Kona Electric on a Charge?

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The Hyundai Kona Electric is a strong contender in the small electric SUV market, but how does it perform on long road trips? A YouTuber recently put the 2024 Kona to the test on the highway at a steady 75 mph to see how it measures up.

The test started under ideal conditions: cool weather, dry roads, and light traffic. With the wind at his back for the first leg, the reviewer was impressed with the car’s initial efficiency. After 30 minutes of mixed driving, the Kona Electric averaged a consumption of 20.3 kWh per 62 miles, which is a good result.

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However, the reviewer also noted more wind and road noise at highway speeds than expected for an electric car. While acknowledging that quieter options exist, he conceded that this wasn’t a surprise given the Kona’s price point.

Halfway through the test, the car was still averaging a decent 20.5 kWh per 62 miles. To see how wind resistance impacted efficiency, the reviewer turned around and drove the same route back into the wind. As expected, the efficiency dropped slightly, with the final average settling at 21.4 kWh per 62 miles. This result was actually quite similar to another electric SUV, the Volvo EX30, that was tested in the same way.

The test ended with the Kona Electric having traveled 132 miles, close to its estimated range of 213 miles. The reviewer also did a quick charging test, and the Kona pulled 90 kW from a 150 kW charger, which is a reasonable rate for its battery size.


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