Kia’s All-Electric Surprise: Launching the EV3 on May 23rd!

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Kia's EV3 Production Model Shares Striking Resemblance with Concept Design
Kia's EV3 Concept Model

Get ready for the Kia EV3! This brand-new electric car is set to debut on May 23rd and is expected to be Kia’s cheapest electric vehicle ever. The starting price is rumored to be around $32,000, making it a strong competitor in the electric car market.

The good news for US drivers is that the EV3 will be available here! The even smaller Kia EV2, however, won’t be making it across the pond.

2024 Kia EV3
The Upcoming 2024 Kia EV3 

Kia has already revealed a glimpse of the EV3 concept car, and now they’re teasing the production model. Expect it to look similar to the concept car, with a stylish design reminiscent of its bigger brother, the Kia EV6 (which unfortunately won’t be sold in the US).

While all Kia electric cars use the same platform, there are some differences to keep costs down for the smaller models like the EV3. They’ll use a 400-volt system instead of the more expensive 800-volt system found in the EV6 and EV9. This might mean slightly slower charging and a little less efficiency, but it allows Kia to offer a much more affordable price tag.

The EV3 is expected to be built in Mexico, which could qualify it for the full $7,500 US tax credit for electric vehicles. That could bring the effective price down to around $24,500! Even without the full credit, leasing options might still offer great deals on the EV3.

Kia EV3 Interior
Interior of the Upcoming Kia EV3

Don’t miss the big reveal of the Kia EV3 on May 23rd! We’ll be covering all the details of this highly anticipated and hopefully very affordable electric car.

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