12 Fascinating Insights into the Game-Changing Honda CB750

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Honda CB750 (Credits: Honda)
Honda CB750 (Credits: Honda)

The late ’60s marked a pivotal moment in motorcycle history, as Honda introduced the groundbreaking CB750, revolutionizing the industry and forever altering the landscape of two-wheeled performance.

Here are 12 intriguing facts that shed light on the significance of this iconic machine:

12. Greatest Motorcycle Ever?

The Honda CB750 has earned the accolade of being hailed as one of the greatest motorcycles ever produced. Its groundbreaking features, including an electric start and disc brakes, propelled it to the forefront of the industry, setting new standards for quality and performance.

11. Challenging the Competition

Priced at $1,495 upon its debut, the CB750 posed a formidable threat to its British counterparts, undercutting them significantly in both price and performance.

Its affordability and reliability made it a formidable contender in the American market, signaling a shift in the dynamics of motorcycle manufacturing.

Honda CB750 (Credits: Honda)
Honda CB750 (Credits: Honda)

10. A Compelling Backstory

Inspired by a chance encounter with a Triumph-riding police officer in Europe, Honda founder Soichiro Honda saw an opportunity to enter the American market with a larger, more powerful motorcycle.

This vision laid the groundwork for the development of the CB750, marking a significant milestone in Honda’s storied history.

9. Inline-4 Engine Power

Equipped with an air-cooled, transverse, SOHC four-cylinder engine paired with a five-speed gearbox, the CB750 boasted impressive power and performance for its time.

With a maximum output of 67 horsepower and 44 lb-ft of torque, it set new benchmarks in engine technology and performance.

8. Design Excellence

Dubbed the “Universal Japanese Motorcycle,” the CB750 was the brainchild of designer Yoshiro Harada, who sought to create a true “superbike” capable of rivaling the competition.

Honda CB750 (Credits: Honda)
Honda CB750 (Credits: Honda)

With its aggressive styling and innovative features, the CB750 embodied Honda’s commitment to craftsmanship and performance.

7. Equipment Levels

While lacking the advanced features of modern motorcycles, the CB750 was equipped with basic instrumentation and essential features, including speed and rev counters.

Despite its simplicity, these features were sufficient to meet the needs of riders at the time.

6. Superbike Performance

With a top speed of 120 mph and impressive acceleration, the CB750 delivered exhilarating performance matched by exceptional comfort and handling.

Its combination of power and agility made it a favorite among riders seeking a thrilling yet practical riding experience.

5. Racing Heritage

Built upon Honda’s rich racing legacy, the CB750 made its mark on the track, securing victories and accolades in prestigious events such as the Daytona 200.

Honda CB750 (Credits: Honda)
Honda CB750 (Credits: Honda)

Its success in racing further cemented its reputation as a formidable force in the world of motorcycling.

4. Evolution Over Time

The CB750 underwent several iterations over the years, with each model boasting enhancements and refinements aimed at improving performance and aesthetics. From the K1 to the K5, each version of the CB750 showcased Honda’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

3. Special Editions

In addition to its standard models, Honda released special editions of the CB750, including the Nighthawk CB 750SC, which featured unique color options and enhanced performance. These limited-run models catered to enthusiasts seeking a higher level of exclusivity and performance.

Honda CB750 (Credits: Honda)
Honda CB750 (Credits: Honda)

2. Unrivaled Reliability

Renowned for its near-bulletproof reliability, the CB750 earned a reputation as a durable and dependable machine capable of withstanding the rigors of daily riding.

Its low maintenance requirements and high build quality made it a favorite among riders seeking a trouble-free ownership experience.

1. Iconic Status and Value

While the CB750 was initially marketed as an affordable and accessible motorcycle, its iconic status and historical significance have elevated its value in the collector’s market.

Honda CB750 (Credits: Honda)
Honda CB750 (Credits: Honda)

Today, well-preserved examples command premium prices, reflecting their status as cherished artifacts of motorcycling history.

The Honda CB750 stands as a testament to Honda’s ingenuity and innovation, embodying the spirit of adventure and excitement that defines motorcycling.

Whether regarded as the greatest motorcycle ever made is open to debate, but there’s no denying the profound impact it has had on the world of motorcycles and the hearts of enthusiasts everywhere.


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bruce J. weiss
bruce J. weiss
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and the Kawa 500 triple ate it alive! And yes, I had a 500 triple…