Mercedes G 580: Blending Tradition with Electric Innovation

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Mercedes G 580: Blending Tradition with Electric Innovation
Mercedes G 580 EV (Credits: Mercedes)

The 2025 Mercedes-Benz G 580 with EQ Technology, an electric version of the G Wagen, is targeting a specific audience. Though the price isn’t confirmed yet, it’s expected to be costly. While the exact range isn’t known, it’s anticipated to be around 250 miles by EPA standards, based on its 294-mile range in European tests. Its appearance isn’t drastically different from the traditional G-Class, and that’s intentional.

According to Mercedes-AMG CEO Michael Scheibe, no matter the powertrain, the G Wagon must prioritize its off-road capabilities and iconic design. While Mercedes could have made it more aerodynamic, that would have compromised its essence as a G Wagon.

Visually, the electric G-Class differs mainly with its illuminated grille frame, taller hoodline, and minor aerodynamic tweaks. Inside, there are controls for electric-specific features like spinning the car in place. However, it remains true to its traditional design.

Scheibe acknowledges that there may be electric vehicles with faster acceleration or quicker charging times, but the G-Class must maintain its off-road prowess. Mercedes carefully balanced the weight of the car to stay within regulations, including using a carbon fiber underbelly plate to protect the battery.

Mercedes G 580: Blending Tradition with Electric Innovation
Mercedes G 580 EV (Credits: Mercedes)

Mercedes sees the electric G Wagon as appealing to a diverse range of customers, from German carpenters using diesel versions as work trucks to lifestyle buyers seeking luxury. The decision to reveal the electric G in Beverly Hills reflects its popularity among upscale buyers.

Mercedes believes that many electric G Wagons will serve as secondary vehicles in households, so maximum range isn’t the primary concern. For longer trips, owners will have other options.

However, Mercedes is investing in charging networks to support future demand. They’re aware of the need for more charging stations in popular areas, such as along autobahns in Germany to Austria.

The G 580’s reveal, featuring stars and influencers, underscores its target market. Mercedes emphasizes the hand-built nature of the G-Class, allowing for customization and adaptability to changes in the electric vehicle market.

While the production process may be slower, Mercedes sees it as advantageous for maintaining high demand.


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