Rossi Seeks Insight into Bagnaia Criticism

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Rossi Seeks Insight into Bagnaia Criticism
Valentino Rossi (Credits: MotoGP)

Ducati rider Bagnaia had an exciting race with eight-time world champion Marc Marquez in the 25-lap Jerez Grand Prix.

Bagnaia won by just 0.372 seconds, scoring his second Grand Prix win this season. This victory brought him closer to championship leader Jorge Martin, who crashed, with the gap now 17 points.

Bagnaia faced challenges after winning the Qatar GP. He made a mistake in Portugal and didn’t score any points in the main race after colliding with Marquez. Then, in America, he struggled in both the sprint and the main race, and got taken out of the Jerez sprint in a collision.

After Bagnaia’s win in the Spanish GP, his mentor Rossi spoke out against those who doubt him.

Rossi Seeks Insight into Bagnaia Criticism
Valentino Rossi (Credits: MotoGP)

Rossi said, “These last skeptics, honestly, I would like to understand who they are. He was very upset about [Saturday], because in the sprint there are riders who run without thinking about others.”

Rossi praised Bagnaia’s performance, saying he showed talent and determination during the race. He also commented on Bagnaia’s battle with Marquez, whom Rossi has faced many times.

Rossi explained, “Pecco was very good in the fight and immediately made Marquez understand that he wouldn’t give up even if Martin had fallen. He gave him a nice entrance, the kind Marquez usually does, and made him understand that he wanted to win.”

Rossi was impressed with Bagnaia’s performance and the way he handled the race. He said it was a great satisfaction to see Bagnaia win and praised his skill in the right-hand corners.


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