MotoGP Learns from Le Mans: Keys to Success

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MotoGP Learns from Le Mans: Keys to Success
Le Mans MotoGP Weekend Draws Huge Crowds

In an unusual MotoGP weekend, nearly 300,000 fans came to Circuit Bugatti in Le Mans. This big turnout set a new record, with 297,471 tickets sold for the event.

Last year, MotoGP drew 278,805 fans, setting a record among two-wheeled racing circuits. Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna, was thrilled. He said the atmosphere at Le Mans was incredible for the 1000th MotoGP race.

Le Mans always has a big crowd, even when other races struggle to fill seats. What’s the secret? Claude Michy, the event’s organizer, has some ideas. He’s been running this race for 31 years. Michy focuses on making fans happy, not just selling tickets.

Michy believes in making the weekend special for fans. He organizes events like stunt shows and even a concert with the national anthem. Michy wants people to enjoy the race track, not just the race.

MotoGP Learns from Le Mans: Keys to Success
Le Mans MotoGP Weekend Draws Huge Crowds

At Le Mans, everything is included in the ticket price. For €106, fans get parking, camping, access to stands, and more. And kids under 16 get in for free. Michy thinks it’s important to bring families to the race track.

Le Mans is a unique business model. It’s the only private race on the MotoGP calendar. Michy cares more about making fans happy than breaking records. He says MotoGP should focus on fans, not imitating other sports like Formula 1.

Michy’s approach inspires others in MotoGP. Dan Rossomondo, Chief Commercial Officer for Dorna, praises Michy for putting fans first. Rossomondo says Michy’s ideas are being copied by other race tracks.

Michy believes in MotoGP’s future. He thinks Dorna, the company that runs MotoGP, is doing a great job. Michy says MotoGP is exciting and doesn’t need to copy Formula 1.

Michy wants to protect the spirit of MotoGP. He says MotoGP is different from Formula 1 and doesn’t need to imitate it. Michy thinks MotoGP is already a perfect show.


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