Pramac’s 2025 MotoGP Deal Not Yet Confirmed, Says Ducati

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Pramac's 2025 MotoGP Deal Not Yet Confirmed, Says Ducati

At the Italian Grand Prix, the boss of Pramac team, Gino Borsoi, shared with DAZN that his team will have the only factory Ducatis for 2025 among satellite teams.

This follows Marc Marquez’s statement to the media that it’s unlikely he’ll race for Pramac in 2025, hinting that he prefers a different option.

Currently, if Pramac decides to proceed with their contract with Ducati for 2025, they’ll enjoy exclusive factory support for two years.

Marquez’s decision to stay with Ducati relies on either moving to the factory team or staying at Gresini with a factory bike. Otherwise, he might consider switching to another manufacturer, with a potential offer from KTM on the table.

Grassilli, speaking to the media on Saturday, expressed satisfaction with Borsoi’s intention to stick with Ducati, though nothing is officially confirmed yet.

Pramac's 2025 MotoGP Deal Not Yet Confirmed, Says Ducati
Boss of Pramac team, Gino Borsoi

“We’ve been working hard since the start of the season to secure Pramac for the next two years,” he said. “While we’re pleased with Gino’s statement, we’re still awaiting written confirmation.”

Regarding the possibility of having five GP25s on the grid in 2025, including Marquez at Gresini, Grassilli stated it’s not currently under consideration.

“We’ll give a definitive answer at the end of the year. Right now, we’re focusing on this race weekend. We haven’t made a decision yet,” he explained. “At this moment, that option is not on the table.”

Ducati mentioned to the media earlier that they wouldn’t announce their final factory team lineup for 2025 at Mugello.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport’s report on Thursday, Ducati’s decision has been made, with Jorge Martin, who finished second in 2023 and currently leads the championship, expected to step up.


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