Buescher’s Outlook for 2024: “We’re Prioritizing Racing Over Points This Season”

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Despite being one of the top-performing teams in 2023, 2024 has been a tumultuous ride for 31-year-old Chris Buescher from Prosper, Texas.

Buescher faced wrecks in the season opener at Daytona and Las Vegas. However, he showcased his potential with a ninth-place finish at Atlanta and a second-place finish at Phoenix in the most recent race.

Having achieved a career-best three wins last season, Buescher remains optimistic about his team’s winning capabilities. He emphasizes the importance of securing victories to qualify for the playoffs rather than solely focusing on accumulating points.

“I see it as we’re not points racing this year. We’ve got to win races, and we’re capable of doing that. When we achieve that, everything else will fall into place,” he remarked. “We’re not aiming to battle for the 15th or 16th spot in points; that’s not our goal for the season.”

Despite currently occupying the 16th spot in the series standings, Buescher understands that a single victory can dramatically change his playoff prospects by securing his spot in the 16-driver field.

Looking ahead, Buescher sees upcoming races as opportunities to clinch his first win of the year. Bristol Motor Speedway, where he has previously triumphed, and the Circuit of the Americas, where his adeptness at road course racing shines, offer promising prospects.

Reflecting on Bristol’s significance to him, Buescher expressed his fondness for the track, citing it as his favorite due to past successes and memorable moments.

While acknowledging the need for improvement at certain tracks like Circuit of the Americas, Buescher remains determined to rectify any shortcomings and deliver strong performances in front of the home crowd.

Regarding areas of improvement for his team, Buescher emphasizes the importance of execution, making better decisions, and enhancing overall performance. Despite the challenges, he remains optimistic about the season ahead and refrains from focusing too heavily on points discussions at this stage.

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