Everything You Need To Know About The DMC Alpha5

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DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) announced the arrival of their new electric car after years of being inactive. DeLorean will launch the Alpha5 as their comeback car. It will be an all-electric car with all new exteriors and features. DMC is famous for its classic-looking DMC-12. This iconic car by DMC got its fame because of the gullwing doors. This car was also seen in the movie Back from the future. The unit used in the movie is preserved and kept in Petersen Automotive Museum. With the new electric version Alpha5, DeLorean has disappointed a few car enthusiasts. Although this car will get some best-in-class features, even then, Alpha5 is not yet up to the mark.

DMC fans expected Alpha5 to get the classic looks similar to the DMC-12. Although, with a new generation of cars, DMC wanted to provide modern and futuristic looks. DeLorean still gave the gullwing doors, but the new DMC looks very different from the DMC-12. Fans of DeLorean were expecting that Alpha5 would gain some styling looks from the iconic family member. However, there are no similarities other than the doors. Read more about the new electric car of DeLorean in this article.

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What Are The Specifications Of The Alpha5?

DeLorean has revived its brand by the reveal of the new electric car, Alpha 5. It is the first car of DMC in years. A multi-motor setup powers this new electric car. Therefore, there will be many different cars from the DMC-12. A V6 engine powered the iconic DMC-12. Thus, Alpha5 is an all-electric car that will come with a 100kWh battery pack. It will have a range of over 300 miles. It is expected that Alpha5 will accelerate from zero to sixty mph in just 2.99 seconds, which is quick. Although these details seem fascinating, it provides a whole new experience of the DMC. Therefore, apart from these specifications, car enthusiasts still wanted some features.

DMC Alpha5

What Went Wrong With The New DMC Alpha5?

The iconic Alpha5 was a two-seater coupe. The originality of DMC was in the same setup, but Alpha5 will be a four-seater car. Some people are offended based on ruining the two-seat feel. DMC-12 was a car perfectly fit for the two people. DMC has added a second row in the Alpha5. Also, Alpha5 is longer in size. It will be longer than the DMC-12 and even modern-day sports cars: Ferrari and Aston Martin.

The second reason why DMC fans are not liking the new Alpha5 is because of the futuristic looks. Many people believe that the new electric car should have been in the retro looks like Alpha5. It should have a recognizable design as DMC-12. But Alpha 5 has a whole new concept.

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It is the modern era, and DMC is trying to fit into the future world. With the introduction of their new EV, they have made a strong comeback. With the modern designs, functions, and specifications, it is believed that this car can keep up the brand name of DMC. Regardless of what people may think about the difference in their looks, it is still a strong and good-looking car.


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