Toyota Offers Buyback For BZ4X Model

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Toyota BZ4X
CC: Toyota

Toyota is facing difficulties in recalling the BZ4X electric SUV. The global automotive leader has offered its customer a loaner and incentive package or full repurchase of a vehicle. They are struggling to fix the issue in their first electric car. BZ4X is the first electric car for Toyota in the US market. However, Toyota explained that the car’s electric motor and drive system perfectly fit. The issue with the first electric car of Toyota was that the wheels of this EV were falling out. This problem was detected as soon as the launch of bZ4X took place. However, this recall was not a big recall. Toyota issued a complaint of 2700 vehicles and called for a recall instantly.

Now, the Japanese automaker cannot find a solution to this issue. Therefore, Toyota offered a buyback option to the owners of BZ4X. Toyota issued a letter to the owners stating the reasons for buyback and full details related to this offer. Read the full article to know what was written in the letter. Also, read about the first electric car of, Toyota-

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How Is Toyota Managing The Buyback For BZ4X?

Unfortunately, with the failure to find a solution for the recall problem, Toyota decided to offer a buyback to the owners. People who purchased this car got a letter that stated that this letter is in the context of the previously recalled BZ4X. Further in the letter, Toyota mentioned that they are trying their best to find the solution to the problem. Toyota is offering a loaner vehicle to the owners whose cars are in the Toyota service stations. This loaner vehicle will be free of cost, and it will reimburse the cost of fuel used in the loaner car. The Japanese automaker will provide additional complimentary charging time until December 31, 2024. Toyota will also increase the Warranty on the BZ4X.

CC: Toyota

If the owners of the BZ4X don’t wish to adhere to the above-given benefits, then they can choose the alternative. Toyota has provided an alternative of repurchasing the vehicle. And Toyota has requested the owners not to drive the electric car until further notice or till it is recalled.

Details About The BZ4X

2023 Toyota BZ4X is the first electric car of Toyota after a long period. It is a compact SUV and competes with the Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5. This EV comes with a 201-horsepower single electric motor setup as the standard. On the other hand, it gets 215 horsepower in the dual motor and all-wheel drive. The dual motor setup recorded acceleration from zero to sixty mph in 6.4 seconds. It has an adequate range of 242 to 252 miles on a single charge. Also, the BZ4X comes with premium interiors. The dashboard gets a 12.3-inch infotainment screen. Additionally, Toyota has offered a lot of features in this EV.

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This is the situation of the recalling program by Toyota. Owners are getting multiple options to either get a buyback for BZ4X or wait a bit longer with extra incentives provided by the company.


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