Toyota Secures Funding For Its Hilux Pickup to Develop Hydrogen Fuel Cell In The UK

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Toyota has announced that it has secured funding to develop a hydrogen fuel cell version of its popular Hilux pickup truck in the UK. The funding will allow the company to produce a vehicle that can run on both hydrogen and gasoline, providing a more efficient and environmentally friendly option for drivers.

The Hilux pickup is a popular choice for many commercial and recreational drivers due to its durable design and dependable performance. The new hydrogen fuel cell version of the truck is expected to provide the same level of performance as the gasoline-powered model while also being more fuel-efficient and emitting less carbon dioxide.

The fuel cell version of the Hilux will be developed in collaboration with the UK’s Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC). The APC is a government-backed organization that is focused on developing low-emission transportation solutions. The funding for the project will come from the UK government and the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program.

Toyota plans to use the funding to develop a fuel cell system that will be capable of running on both hydrogen and gasoline. The system will be designed to run on hydrogen whenever possible and then switch to gasoline when the hydrogen fuel is depleted. The company believes that this system will be able to provide drivers with a more efficient and sustainable option for transportation.

The fuel cell system will be based on Toyota’s existing Mirai fuel cell vehicle, which was launched in 2014. The Mirai uses a combination of hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity, which powers the vehicle. The hydrogen fuel cell version of the Hilux will also feature a similar design but will be modified to fit the pickup truck’s larger size and weight.

Toyota hopes to have the new hydrogen fuel cell Hilux ready for commercial sale as soon as 2022. The company believes that the new vehicle will provide a more efficient and sustainable option for drivers while also helping to reduce emissions and improve air quality.

The development of the hydrogen fuel cell Hilux is just one of many initiatives that Toyota is taking to reduce its environmental impact. The company has also implemented a range of measures to reduce the emissions from its gasoline-powered vehicles, including the use of cleaner-burning engines and the introduction of hybrid vehicles.

Toyota is also investing heavily in research and development of autonomous driving technologies, which could eventually help to reduce traffic congestion and improve safety on the roads. By investing in these technologies, Toyota is demonstrating its commitment to making the world a cleaner and safer place for everyone.


By Jayson O'Neil

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