Rothewald Launches Latest Range of High-Quality Torque Wrenches

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Rothewald releases new premium torque wrench range

Rothewald has expanded its tool range for 2024 by introducing three new professional-grade torque wrenches. The options include 1/4” 5-25 Nm, 3/8” 10-50 Nm, and 1/2” 40-200 Nm, catering to the varied torque requirements of motorcycle enthusiasts and professionals alike. These torque wrenches are essential tools for home DIY motorcycle mechanics, ensuring precise tightening of nuts and bolts to meet the manufacturer’s specified torque.

The key features of Rothewald’s latest torque wrenches include an easily readable main and fine Nm scale, visible through a clear viewing window on the handle. The accuracy is impressive, with a margin of just +/- 3% of the reading.

Rothewald releases new premium torque wrench range
Rothewald Launches Latest Range of High-Quality Torque Wrenches (Credits: MCM News)

The turning handles offer infinite adjustability and comes with a practical locking mechanism, while the ratchet head is switchable for both clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. Torque settings are applicable for clockwise rotation only, with a short travel release signaling when the desired torque is achieved.

Designed with practicality in mind for motorcycle owners, these torque wrenches boast an ultra-slimline design across the range, facilitating access to fastenings in hard-to-reach areas. The rubber handle ensures a superior grip, and each wrench comes with a sturdy plastic case for convenient storage and transportation.

All three torque wrenches in the range adhere to the DIN ISO 6789-1:2017 industry standard for calibration, covering the common Nm ranges found in motorcycle applications.

The pricing for these professional-grade torque wrenches starts at £112* for the 1/4” 5-25 Nm version, £121* for the 3/8” 10-50 Nm option, and £130* for the 1/2” 40-200 Nm variant. The entire range is exclusively available for purchase in the UK through the Louis Moto website (

Rothewald, as Louis Moto’s exclusive premium tool brand, offers an added benefit for UK motorcyclists. When shopping Rothewald or any of Louis Moto’s exclusive brands, VAT and potential customs charges on UK orders are covered, ensuring a transparent online shopping experience. Additionally, free delivery to Great Britain is available on orders exceeding £199.


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