Honda to Recall 2023 HR-V Rear Windows Over Shattering Hazard

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Honda will replace 2023 HR-V rear windows due to shattering risk

Honda has issued a service bulletin for the 2023 HR-V crossover in response to numerous customer reports of unexpected shattering of the rear windows.

Consumer Reports brought attention to the issue after encountering the problem firsthand with one of their test vehicles during a winter weather warm-up in New England.

Fortunately, Honda has identified the root cause of the problem. The sealer responsible for holding the rear window in place, if not applied correctly, can come into contact with the heating element for the rear defroster.

Honda to Recall 2023 HR-V Rear Windows Over Shattering Hazard
Honda to Recall 2023 HR-V Rear Windows Over Shattering Hazard (Credits: Honda)

This contact creates a hot spot that can lead to fatigue over time. If the weakness progresses, it may result in the failure of the entire rear window. According to Honda’s report to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), at least 300 customers have reported incidents of shattered rear windscreens.

A photo of the damage can be found in Consumer Reports’ detailed coverage of the issue.

Consumer Reports noted that no injuries occurred during the incident they experienced, and the cargo in the rear remained undamaged.

However, glass shards had to be cleaned up from the driveway, and the contents of the cargo area were no longer secure from weather and potential theft.

In response to the issue, Honda has committed to inspecting customer HR-Vs and replacing the glass free of charge if a defect is found. Despite the severity of the problem, Honda has chosen not to initiate a safety recall.

The automaker explains that while the shattering of the glass could be alarming to occupants, there is no inherent safety threat posed by the problem. Furthermore, Honda encourages owners to continue using their rear defrosters as needed.

Dealers are expected to be ready to handle replacement requests starting in April. In the meantime, customers who experience similar incidents are urged to contact Honda’s customer service at 800-999-1009 for assistance.


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