Study Finds Arizona Tops the List for Worst Road Rage in the United States

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Arizona has the worst road rage in America, study says

The pandemic appears to have exacerbated driving behavior, resulting in an increase in preventable accidents despite reduced road congestion.

While fewer people were on the roads, incidents of speeding and irresponsible driving persisted, contributing to fatalities. Although road rage is a known factor, a recent study revealed varying degrees of anger behind the wheel across different states.

Finn’s car subscription platform conducted the study, ranking Arizona as the state with the highest road rage in America, scoring 8/10. According to Finn, Arizona exhibited the most confrontational drivers, securing the 12th position for the highest number of accidents.

Study Finds Arizona Tops the List for Worst Road Rage in the United States
Study Finds Arizona Tops the List for Worst Road Rage in the United States (Credits: KTAR News)

A significant majority of Arizonans reported experiencing verbal abuse, insults, or threats while driving, and 22.5 percent claimed to have been deliberately forced off the road.

Surprisingly, the sparsely-populated state of Montana claimed the second spot, registering the highest number of car accidents and ranking 11th for confrontational drivers.

A notable 41.5 percent of Montana residents reported intentional cutoffs, while 33.5 percent faced obstacles when changing lanes.

South Carolina secured the third position, with 46.5 percent of residents stating they had experienced verbal altercations in traffic. Montana led in fatal car accidents, while Mississippi ranked first in total deaths resulting from car accidents.

The study also delved into states exhibiting the least driving aggression, with Minnesota standing out for its “Minnesota nice” reputation.

Finn highlighted that only 15 states have established aggressive driving laws, with a mere 11 defining specific aggressive actions. Penalties such as fines, jail time, and other consequences vary by state.

Delaware imposes the lightest jail time, up to 30 days, for aggressive driving offenses. Arizona, known for its high road rage, enforces up to six months of jail time for offenders, while California has a maximum penalty of four years.

It’s important to note that Finn’s data was sourced from publicly available information, allowing further exploration of the study’s conclusions.

The study utilized Forbes’ Confrontational Drivers Ranking and Car Accident Statistics, as well as data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Fatality Facts 2021 and AAA’s fact sheet on aggressive driving laws.


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