Lagos Police Uncover Plainclothes Officers Requesting Tinted Glass Permit from Motorist

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VIDEO: Lagos Police Identify Officers In Mufti Asking For Tinted Glass Permit From A Motorist

The Lagos State Police Command of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) has successfully identified the plainclothes officers featured in a viral video requesting a tinted glass permit from a motorist.

The incident, which occurred in Zone 2, V.I, involved individuals claiming to be policemen from the state CID. The ongoing investigation into the matter is being led by the Assistant Inspector General (AIG) for Zone 2, Lagos.

In response to the video, the Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, reiterated that the officers in question have been located in Zone 2 and their identities confirmed.

The AIG Zone 2 Lagos is actively conducting the investigation, with the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) for Zone 2, Lagos, set to address the issue promptly.

The motorist, confronted by the officers in the video, asserted that his vehicle’s tinted glass is factory-installed, and he could not recall the last time police requested a tinted permit, considering its suspension since June 2021.

In support of the driver’s claim, Adejobi emphasized that officers on patrol duty should not demand tinted glass permits from motorists, as the issuance of such permits had been suspended.

Adejobi previously communicated through his Twitter handle in 2022, emphasizing that police officers are not authorized to request customs papers from motorists, except during joint operations.

Routine checks should not result in unnecessary delays for motorists lacking tinted glass permits, given the suspension of permit issuance since June 2021. Adejobi urged citizens to report any undue delays caused by officers in such situations.


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