Alonso: Hamilton’s Move to Ferrari F1 Wasn’t His Childhood Dream Last Year

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Ferrari F1 drive wasn’t Hamilton’s “childhood dream” last year, says Alonso

On February 1st, the motorsport world was abuzz with confirmation of Lewis Hamilton’s monumental decision to part ways with Mercedes and make a transition to Ferrari starting in 2025, a move that reverberated across the racing community.

Fernando Alonso, the Aston Martin driver, revealed that he initially missed the commotion surrounding Hamilton’s announcement due to his rigorous training schedule. Even upon catching wind of the news, Alonso admitted to not giving it too much attention, citing his focus on personal preparations.

Alonso: Hamilton's Move to Ferrari F1 Wasn't His Childhood Dream Last Year
Alonso: Hamilton’s Move to Ferrari F1 Wasn’t His Childhood Dream Last Year (Credits: Sportskeeda)

Speaking ahead of the launch of the AMR24, Alonso shared his perspective on Hamilton’s groundbreaking move. He acknowledged the surprise factor, considering Hamilton’s longstanding association with Mercedes, a team many perceived him to be deeply loyal to.

Reflecting on the unexpected turn of events, Alonso remarked, “It probably was a surprise, I will not lie. But not because of the change itself. It was just because, from the outside, it seemed like he was very linked with Mercedes and very loyal to them and things like that. It was a little bit unexpected.”

Alonso, who had his own stint with Ferrari from 2010 to 2015, pointed out that the reasons behind Hamilton’s decision remain a mystery to him. He emphasized his detachment from the situation, stating, “I don’t know the reasons behind it; I don’t know anything. I didn’t pay too much attention.”

Hamilton, in announcing his move on social media, expressed his excitement at the prospect of realizing another childhood dream by donning the iconic Ferrari red. However, Alonso cast doubt on this sentiment, suggesting that Hamilton’s aspirations may have evolved recently.

Regarding Hamilton’s Ferrari aspirations, Alonso noted, “It was not his childhood dream 12 months ago, no? Or two months ago, I guess. It was a different dream.” He expressed hope that Hamilton would relish the experience with Ferrari, emphasizing the team’s unique allure but underscoring that true fulfillment comes from winning.

Alonso also highlighted Ferrari’s competitive potential, citing their ability to match and even surpass the pace of dominant teams like Red Bull toward the end of the previous season. He suggested that with Hamilton’s prowess, Ferrari could mount a serious challenge for championship glory.

In Alonso’s view, Hamilton’s move to Ferrari marks a significant shift in dynamics within the sport, potentially setting the stage for an exciting new chapter in Formula 1.


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