Mercedes Overhauls EQ Styling: Future of Electric Vehicles

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Mercedes Overhauls EQ Styling: Future of Electric Vehicles

The Mercedes EQ brand name and its distinctive styling language are set to undergo significant changes shortly, eliciting enthusiastic applause. This isn’t because Mercedes is abandoning electric vehicles (EVs).

The German automaker remains steadfast in its commitment to providing an all-electric option in every market segment. Rather, the applause stems from the announcement of a comprehensive overhaul, including aesthetic updates.

This revelation came from Christoph Starzynski, the VP of car engineering at Mercedes, who previously led the development of the brand’s EV platforms. Speaking to Top Gear at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, Starzynski acknowledged the mixed reception to the styling of EQ models.

Mercedes Overhauls EQ Styling: Future of Electric Vehicles

“We have received feedback on this matter, and we are taking it seriously,” Starzynski stated. “By examining the design language seen in the Concept CLA and projecting into the future, it’s clear that there will be adjustments.”

These remarks suggest that changes won’t be sudden or radical. Evolution in styling takes time, especially to avoid excessive costs for new tooling. Mercedes has already established a distinct EQ styling, so future designs will likely incorporate some existing elements.

The news of a shift in styling direction will be welcomed by traditional Mercedes customers who prefer a more conventional aesthetic. Dealers in America, for instance, found EQ models took twice as long to sell compared to equivalent BMWs last year, citing a lack of appeal.

While Mercedes also has a sizable following of trendy and fashion-conscious buyers, the EQ styling hasn’t resonated with the majority.

Mercedes Overhauls EQ Styling: Future of Electric Vehicles

However, Starzynski highlighted that the launch of EQ models in the US did attract former customers back to the brand, suggesting there is demand for the EQ range as long as it features the iconic Three-Pointed Star emblem.

He emphasized that the CLA provides a glimpse of future design directions, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to offering electric vehicles across all segments eventually.


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