Tesla Cybertruck Owners Report Rust Issues

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Tesla Cybertruck Owners Report Rust Issues

Some Tesla Cybertruck owners have reported noticing rust marks on the stainless steel body after brief exposure to condensation. These complaints surfaced on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum.

One owner, known as Raxar, mentioned that Tesla is aware of the issue: “The advisor specifically mentioned the Cybertrucks develop orange rust marks in the rain, and that required the vehicle to be buffed out.” It remains unclear whether the advisor offered to address the problem or suggested the owner buff the vehicle.

Tesla Cybertruck Owners Report Rust Issues

What’s concerning is that these marks appeared just two days after taking delivery of the truck in California, and it’s not an isolated occurrence. Another user reported rust spots appearing after 381 miles of driving and 11 days of ownership since receiving the electric pickup on February 1.

They documented the corrosion in images and brought it up with their service advisor. This owner mentioned being informed by Tesla that there’s a procedure to fix it, but the facility lacked the necessary tools and hadn’t performed such a repair before.

While it’s expected that stainless steel bodies might eventually show imperfections, the early onset of these issues is surprising. Tesla even noted in the Cybertruck’s manual that the steel panels are vulnerable to corrosive substances if not washed regularly. However, experiencing problems this soon raises concerns.

Tesla Cybertruck Owners Report Rust Issues

A prevalent theory is that these specks could be caused by rail dust, which occurs during transportation by railway as bits of metallic dust from the tracks adhere to the cars.

It’s uncertain if these particular Cybertrucks were delivered by rail, but one would assume thorough decontamination before customer delivery. A simple iron-extracting agent from a local detailing shop might have prevented this issue if rail dust is indeed the cause.

If these spots can develop after just a couple of days of exposure to condensation, irrespective of cleanliness, then there’s a significant problem that needs addressing. Considering the price point, continual maintenance wouldn’t represent good value.


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