Sony Honda Mobility’s Electric Vehicle Expansion

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Sony Honda Mobility's Electric Vehicle Expansion

The latest update reveals plans for Sony Honda Mobility’s Afeela sedan prototype to be accompanied by two additional all-electric crossover models. According to Nikkei, the trio of EVs is set to be unveiled in the latter half of the decade, with a sedan slated for 2025, an SUV for 2027, and a compact vehicle in 2028.

Although Sony Honda Mobility declined to verify these claims, prior announcements confirm the launch of a sedan under the Afeela brand by the end of the following year, with deliveries to North American customers scheduled for early 2026.

Sony Honda Mobility's Electric Vehicle Expansion

While specific details about the upcoming EVs remain limited, the report suggests they will share a common platform to streamline development and reduce costs.

The SUV is purportedly the most technologically advanced of the trio, while the compact vehicle is anticipated to be comparable in size to the Toyota Corolla and may utilize components from Honda’s independently developed EVs.

This independent development comes after Honda’s collaboration with GM for affordable EVs ended last year due to business challenges and a dwindling demand for EVs in certain markets.

Regarding the Afeela sedan, it is confirmed to feature two 241-horsepower e-motors, one at the front and one at the rear, along with a 91 kWh lithium-ion battery capable of DC fast charging at 150 kW.

Given Sony’s involvement, gaming technology integration is expected, and the presence of a module above the front windshield indicates continued aspirations for self-driving capabilities.

Despite recent setbacks and challenges faced by robotaxis in California, Honda and Sony remain committed to advancing autonomous mobility technology.


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