David Croft Absent from Initial F1 Races as Sky Commentator

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David Croft to miss first F1 races as Sky commentator

In anticipation of an unprecedented 24-race season featuring multiple double and triple headers, Croft has opted to step back from commentary duties for the Emilia-Romagna, Austrian, and Azerbaijan Grands Prix.

This decision marks a departure from his customary involvement, as he also sat out this year’s pre-season test in Bahrain, an event he had been integral to in recent years since its live broadcast inception.

Harry Benjamin, renowned for his work as a BBC Radio 5 Live commentator and his leadership of Sky’s F1 Juniors coverage last season, will be stepping into Croft’s shoes for these races.

Since Sky assumed the UK television rights from the BBC in 2012, Croft has served as the lead commentator, rarely missing a race. His journey into Formula 1 began in 2006 as a commentator for BBC Radio 5 Live, succeeding Maurice Hamilton.

Even during his transition to Sky, where he has been a constant presence, he only missed one race, the 2007 European Grand Prix, due to the birth of his son.

David Croft Absent from Initial F1 Races as Sky Commentator
David Croft (Credits: Motorsport)

In an interview with The Independent, Croft shed light on his decision: “It’s more about keeping fresh for the whole season. I’m not getting any younger. I’ve given up and sacrificed a lot for my career. I want to give a bit of time back to my family and not be on the other side of the world. I’m getting married this year as well, so I’ve got a wedding to organize! But I also want to sit and watch a race at home. I want to enjoy it. Maybe I can learn something by not commenting on a race. I can spot a few things when I’m watching – I want to see what the viewer sees.”

Despite Croft’s absence for certain races, Sky will maintain its comprehensive on-screen team throughout the 2024 season.

The roster includes Anthony Davidson, Bernie Collins, Damon Hill, Danica Patrick, Craig Slater, Jenson Button, Karun Chandhok, Martin Brundle, Naomi Schiff, Natalie Pinkham, Nico Rosberg, Rachel Brookes, Simon Lazenby, and Ted Kravitz.

Notably, former F1 strategist Collins celebrated for her insightful contributions during grand prix weekends, will expand her presence in 2024, attending 10 race weekends.


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