Haas F1 Engineers Find No Room for Deception with New Team Boss Komatsu

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Haas F1 engineers “can’t bull****” new team boss Komatsu

Outspoken and widely respected, Guenther Steiner, the founding team principal of Haas, departed the team as his contract concluded during the winter break.

Steiner’s exit was accompanied by discord with owner Gene Haas regarding the team’s technical structure and the necessary investment to elevate its position in the constructors’ standings following a disappointing last-place finish in 2023.

In his place, Ayao Komatsu, a former engineer with BAR and Renault who has been serving as the team’s trackside engineering director since its inception in 2016, has assumed leadership.

With his extensive engineering background, Komatsu’s appointment brings a no-nonsense approach, as remarked by Nico Hulkenberg, who emphasized that Komatsu’s deep understanding of technical aspects prevents any attempts at deception within the team.

Haas F1 Engineers Find No Room for Deception with New Team Boss Komatsu
Haas F1 Engineers Find No Room for Deception with New Team Boss Komatsu (Credits: Autosport)

During pre-season testing in Bahrain, Hulkenberg commented on Komatsu’s distinct character and engineering expertise, stating that his presence has already initiated positive changes, particularly in restructuring the technical department to optimize existing resources.

Haas faced challenges in the previous season due to a development path that failed to enhance performance, notably struggling with tyre overheating issues during races.

Hulkenberg acknowledged that while the initial car wasn’t dismal, the team stagnated in progress, leading to regression. He admitted that while the team identified the problems, they lacked innovative solutions to overcome them.

Subsequently, Simone Resta, the technical director who had been on loan from Ferrari, returned to the Italian team, albeit not for its Formula 1 project. His position was filled internally by Andrea De Zordo.

Kevin Magnussen, Hulkenberg’s teammate, echoed the sentiment of Komatsu’s engineering prowess, emphasizing his comprehensive understanding across all departments of the Formula 1 car.

Magnussen noted that Komatsu’s direct involvement in race engineering has equipped him to lead effectively, allowing team members to engage with someone who comprehends their perspectives.

In essence, Komatsu’s appointment marks a shift in leadership characterized by a technical acumen that fosters understanding and collaboration within the Haas team, aiming to rectify past shortcomings and optimize performance for the upcoming season.


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