Hamilton Prioritizes Diversity in Discussions with Ferrari F1

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Hamilton: Diversity push a priority in Ferrari F1 talks

Over his 12-year tenure with Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton has been increasingly committed to fostering diversity and inclusion within the realm of motorsport, extending his efforts to involve the Mercedes team itself.

Having shed light on the stark lack of diversity within the sector through the Hamilton Commission, the seven-time world champion, along with Mercedes, launched the Ignite charity. The aim of Ignite is to provide individuals from diverse backgrounds with enhanced opportunities to pursue careers in STEM subjects.

Initially collaborating closely with Hamilton’s personal foundation, Mission 44, Ignite focused on addressing the underrepresentation of racial diversity among STEM teaching staff across the UK. Subsequently, Ignite has been integrated into the broader initiatives of Mission 44.

When questioned about the continuity of his off-track endeavors following his departure from Mercedes to Ferrari in 2025, Hamilton emphasized that diversity advocacy was a crucial topic in his discussions with Ferrari chairman John Elkann.

Hamilton (Credits: Grio)

Hamilton stated, “Certainly, when you look at Ferrari, there’s significant work to be done, and I’ve already emphasized that priority in my conversations with John. They are genuinely enthusiastic about collaborating on this front.”

Reflecting on the transformation of Mercedes into a more diverse organization under his stewardship, Hamilton expressed immense pride in the progress made since 2020.

Notably, diversity enhancements have been observed within various departments, such as Human Resources, where a diverse HR group has been established—an initiative poised to outlast his tenure, a fact that he finds particularly gratifying.

Hamilton remarked, “I take great pride in the strides we’ve made at Mercedes. Since 2020, we’ve made significant advancements in diversifying our team. For instance, within our HR department, we’ve cultivated a diverse workforce, a legacy I’m proud to leave behind.”

He further acknowledged that while Mercedes might be ahead of other teams in this regard, there remains substantial work to be done across the entire sport. Hamilton revealed ongoing dialogues with Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali, signaling his commitment to further collaboration in advancing diversity initiatives within the sport.

Since its establishment in December 2021, Mission 44 has garnered £11.2 million in donations, with £7 million contributed by Hamilton himself, who has pledged a total of £20 million.

In its inaugural year, the charity distributed grants to 18 institutions to support various diversity initiatives spanning education and employment in the UK, with plans for expansion into South Africa, the United States, and Brazil underway.


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