Sky Sports Commentary Lineup for 2024 F1 Broadcasts on ESPN

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F1 on TV: The Sky Sports commentary lineup on ESPN for 2024

In 2024, American Formula 1 enthusiasts can enjoy every race live on ESPN channels, uninterrupted from the beginning to the end. The races are aired across ESPN, ESPN2, or ABC channels, with live coverage of practice sessions and qualifying also available on various ESPN platforms like ESPNU or ESPNews.

ESPN brings in commentary and analysis from UK-based Sky Sports F1. Known affectionately as ‘Crofty’, Sky Sports F1’s lead commentator, David Croft, has been at the forefront of Formula 1 broadcasting since Sky’s inception in 2012.

Prior to his tenure at Sky, Croft had an extensive career commentating on F1 races for BBC Radio 5 Live and has been a prominent voice in Codemasters’ official F1 video game franchise.

Sky Sports Commentary Lineup for 2024 F1 Broadcasts on ESPN
Sky Sports Commentary Lineup for 2024 F1 Broadcasts on ESPN

With a record-breaking 24-race calendar in 2024, including several double and triple headers, Croft has decided to step back from broadcasting duties for the Emilia-Romagna, Austrian, and Azerbaijan Grands Prix.

Martin Brundle, a former F1 driver, has been a fixture in the commentary box since his transition from racing to broadcasting in 1997. He joined Sky Sports F1 in 2012 as a co-commentator alongside David Croft, enriching the coverage with his wealth of experience and insights.

Brundle is also recognized for his pre-race grid walks, engaging with drivers and team principals in the tense moments before the race begins.

Harry Benjamin, a newcomer to the main F1 commentary box, will assume the lead commentator role for select races in 2024. Benjamin, with a background in acting and broadcasting, brings a fresh perspective to the commentary team.

Simon Lazenby has been the face of Sky Sports F1 since its inception, providing anchoring support with his extensive experience in sports broadcasting.

Natalie Pinkham, a pitlane reporter for Sky Sports F1 since 2012, has expanded her role to become a host of The F1 Show, offering comprehensive coverage both on and off the track.

Karun Chandhok, an ex-racer with a diverse motorsport background, has established himself as a respected analyst in F1 broadcasting.

Bernie Collins, previously involved in F1 as an engineer, now provides insightful analysis for Sky’s on-event F1 coverage.

Anthony Davidson, although his F1 racing career was brief, has found success in endurance racing and seamlessly transitioned into broadcasting, offering expert commentary for Sky Sports F1.

Damon Hill, son of F1 legend Graham Hill, brings his championship-winning experience to the punditry role at Sky Sports F1.

Rachel Brookes, a seasoned presenter and reporter, has been a key figure in F1 broadcasting for over a decade, conducting in-depth interviews and analysis.

Nico Rosberg, the 2016 F1 world champion, offers his perspective as an analyst, leveraging his racing experience and insights.

Naomi Schiff, with her racing background and presenting skills, enriches Sky’s coverage with her unique perspective.

Jenson Button, a former F1 world champion, brings his racing expertise to the commentary team, offering valuable insights into the sport.

Danica Patrick, known for her success in IndyCar and NASCAR, provides a fresh perspective as a guest analyst for Sky Sports F1.

Ted Kravitz, renowned for his technical analysis in F1 broadcasting, continues to engage fans with his show Ted’s Notebook.

Craig Slater reports on F1 for Sky Sports News, contributing to the comprehensive coverage of the sport across various platforms.

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