Toyota CEO Takes Stand Against EVs: A Strategic Gamble or Misguided Move?

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Toyota CEO Takes A Jab On EVs “We Rather Buy Credits Than Waste EV Investments”

Toyota CEO Ted Ogawa is making waves with his unapologetic stance on electric vehicles (EVs). Despite the prevailing enthusiasm for EVs and the Biden Administration’s fervent push for their adoption, Toyota remains skeptical.

Ogawa predicts that by 2030, EVs will only capture a modest 30% share of the US market. In a bold move, he openly expresses Toyota’s preference for purchasing emission credits over investing in the production of electric cars, which he deems a “waste” of resources.

This stance, however, contradicts the prevailing narrative. While Ogawa emphasizes customer demand for various forms of hybrid vehicles as the driving force behind Toyota’s strategy, questions linger about the company’s long-term vision.

Despite pouring nearly €13 billion into its North Carolina battery complex, Toyota’s investment is geared towards hybrids with only a select few EV models in the pipeline. This heavy investment in hybrid technology suggests a belief that it will sustain them for the foreseeable future.


Despite maintaining its position as the world’s top-selling automaker, with 10.5 million vehicles sold in 2023, Toyota’s EV sales comprised less than 1% of its total sales last year.

This reluctance raises doubts about Toyota’s confidence in its ability to compete in the rapidly expanding EV market. Yet, Ogawa insists that Toyota is not solely focused on cars but is also constructing an entire EV ecosystem for its customers.

However, this strategy has drawn criticism from environmental groups. Toyota’s persistent emphasis on hybrid cars has prompted accusations of greenwashing, with critics accusing them of misleading consumers with ambiguous marketing tactics like “electrified” terminology.

Price emerges as a significant concern for Toyota. Ogawa expresses apprehension about Chinese automakers, particularly BYD, undercutting their prices in the American market.

Chinese cars present a potentially more affordable alternative, posing a challenge to Toyota’s pricing strategy. While Toyota’s dealers assert the superiority of their products, maintaining competitive pricing amidst rising pressure could prove increasingly difficult.

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