Kia Boys Arrested After Hyundai Hack & Hollywood Chase

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Kia Boys Arrested After Hyundai Hack & Hollywood Chase

The Kia Boys phenomenon, which gained traction over two years ago, continues to persist despite Hyundai and Kia’s efforts to implement anti-theft measures.

Not all owners have installed the software update, leaving their vehicles vulnerable to a straightforward hack circulating on TikTok. This exploit allows thieves to start unpatched Hyundai or Kia models using just a USB cable, exploiting the absence of immobilizers.

Typically, thieves shatter windows, initiate the engine, and flee, often crashing the vehicles before authorities intervene. What began as a teenage stunt for online notoriety has evolved into a widespread issue, casting a shadow over every Hyundai and Kia vehicle.

Kia Boys Arrested After Hyundai Hack & Hollywood Chase

A recent incident in Radnor, Pennsylvania, underscores the severity of the problem. Local law enforcement apprehended six South Jersey teenagers associated with the Kia Boys gang after an attempted car break-in.

Responding to the scene, officers observed a silver Hyundai leaving the area, sparking a pursuit. Predictably, the chase concluded with a crash, prompting a foot pursuit resulting in the apprehension of all involved teenagers, including three who attempted to evade capture in nearby woods.

Ages ranging from 13 to 17, the group is linked to several car break-ins involving Hyundai and Kia models, exploiting the notorious Kia Boys hack circulating on TikTok. To address this, carmakers urge all owners to visit dealerships for the software update, rendering their vehicles impervious to the exploit.

Once patched, thieves cannot start the engine, although they may still attempt break-ins. To indicate updated vehicles, Hyundai and Kia distribute stickers and, in some cases, steering wheel locks. Owners are advised to employ additional security measures like GPS trackers and AirTags and promptly report any thefts to authorities.


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