Verstappen Remains Committed to Red Bull F1 Team Despite Father’s Concerns About Horner

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Verstappen: No reason to leave Red Bull F1 team despite father’s Horner fears

The Dutchman’s position within the Milton Keynes-based squad has recently been under intense scrutiny following public criticism from his father, Jos, directed at team principal Horner, and calls for Horner’s departure.

Speculation soared further amid suggestions that Verstappen’s management might seek an exit from his current contract, with Mercedes emerging as a potential option amid their hunt for a successor to Lewis Hamilton.

However, addressing the media in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, Verstappen sought to downplay any personal discomfort he might feel about the situation at Red Bull. He made it clear that he preferred not to delve into the internal politics of the team.

When asked about his commitment to seeing out his contract with Red Bull until 2028, Verstappen reaffirmed his intention to stay, citing his enjoyment within the team and the support they’ve provided throughout his career.

Verstappen Remains Committed to Red Bull F1 Team Despite Father's Concerns About Horner
Verstappen Remains Committed to Red Bull F1 Team Despite Father’s Concerns About Horner (Credits: Motorsport)

He acknowledged uncertainties posed by upcoming regulations but emphasized his contentment and dedication as long as the team performed well.

Although Mercedes has expressed interest in acquiring Verstappen, they acknowledge that his decision will likely hinge on the competitive advantage offered by the car, which Red Bull currently possesses.

Interestingly, Verstappen did not entirely dismiss the possibility of joining Mercedes in the future, highlighting the unpredictability of life and his relaxed approach to such matters.

Verstappen, having spent time with his father Jos, and manager Raymond Vermeulen in Dubai, remained informed about recent developments since the tumultuous Bahrain Grand Prix weekend. However, he refrained from taking sides or getting embroiled in the controversy sparked by his father’s comments.

While Verstappen acknowledges the impact of his father’s remarks, he remains focused on performance and prefers less external chatter about team dynamics.

As a team, comprising himself, his father, and Vermeulen, Verstappen emphasizes unity and maintaining focus on performance rather than engaging in off-track controversies.


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