Lamborghini Seeks Trademark for ‘Huracan STJ’ for Potential Limited Edition Model

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Lamborghini Seeks Trademark for 'Huracan STJ' for Potential Limited Edition Model

When Lamborghini unveiled the 60th-anniversary Huracans at Milan Fashion Week in April last year, CEO Stephan Winkelmann remarked, “The special editions of the Huracán not only celebrate the 60th anniversary of our brand but also give our customers maybe the last chance to purchase an otherwise sold-out V10-powered Lamborghini.”

Our analysis at the time suggested that the term “maybe” held significant meaning. With the Huracan’s twin-turbo V8 hybrid-powered successor slated for release later this year, a gap of 18 months seemed considerable for the Sant’Agata brand to forego a special edition, especially considering the growing demand from eager buyers prepared to pay substantial sums.

Media recently unearthed evidence supporting our conjecture uncovered a pair of trademark applications filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for a vehicle dubbed the Huracan STJ.

The inclusion of “J” signifies “Jota,” the Spanish pronunciation of the letter “J,” symbolizing the FIA rule book’s Appendix J delineating sports car racing and homologation regulations (a connection that may or may not hold), as well as Lamborghini’s history of producing its most focused road-going models for retail customers, tracing back to the Miura Jota prototype in 1970.

Lamborghini Seeks Trademark for 'Huracan STJ' for Potential Limited Edition Model

Models such as the Miura SVJ, Diablo SE30 Jota, Aventador J one-off speedster, and the Aventador SVJ have continued this tradition.

Speculation leans toward the Huracan STJ being an amplified version of the Huracan STO, which itself marked the zenith of the Huracan lineup and was sold out well before production concluded over a year ago.

However, there are murmurs suggesting that this could potentially be a track-exclusive coupe despite all prior J-designated models being street-legal.

According to enthusiasts on Lamborghini Talk, a limited production run of ten units is rumored, each allocated for one of the automaker’s global regions, all of which have purportedly been spoken for.

Reports from December and January suggest that Lamborghini extended invitations to potential buyers, offering them the opportunity to secure the sole unit designated for their respective region, likely resulting in unanimous acceptance.

The public might witness the debut of the Huracan STO at Lamborghini’s forthcoming takeover of Italy’s Imola Circuit on April 6 and 7, during the Lamborghini Arena festival, which the automaker touts as “The most extraordinary event in our brand’s history.” Such an occasion could serve as a fitting stage for the unveiling of an extraordinary new addition to the J lineage.

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