Drake Offers a Glimpse from the Cockpit: Landing in His $185m Private Jet, ‘Air Drake’

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Drake Shares Cockpit View, Showing What It’s Like Landing In His $185m Private Jet, ‘Air Drake’

Canadian rapper Drake recently gave fans a glimpse into the cockpit of his lavish private jet, affectionately named ‘Air Drake,’ showcasing the experience of landing even in low visibility conditions.

In a video shared on his social media, Drake captured the thrill of landing aboard ‘Air Drake,’ expressing his excitement for the challenge of low-visibility landings. “There’s a couple landings I love on Air Drake but tbh the low visibility is the most exciting it makes your heart drop a bit…lucky I got the best putting this shit wheels down,” he wrote alongside the footage.

The impressive aircraft, a custom creation adorned with his OVO branding, was a grand gesture gifted to Drake by CargoJet, a Canada-based airline, at a staggering cost of $185 million.

Air Drake
Air Drake (Credits: Supercar Blondie)

Since its delivery in 2019, Drake has proudly showcased his “Flying Mansion” across social media platforms, giving his followers a peek into the luxurious world of Air Drake.

Air Drake stands as one of the most opulent private jets in the possession of an artist, boasting lavish interiors featuring brown and gold-plated furnishings, along with amenities such as an entertainment theater room, bathroom facilities, and flat-screen TVs. The custom Boeing 767 aircraft is a testament to Drake’s penchant for luxury and style.

In a nod to the significance of the gift, Drake credited Ajay Virmani, the President & CEO of Cargojet Airways, for facilitating the acquisition of Air Drake. Asserting his sole ownership, Drake emphasized, “No rental, no timeshare, no co-owners,” underlining the exclusivity of his possession of the luxurious aircraft.

Drake’s penchant for luxury extends beyond the skies, evident in his remarkable car collection, which includes coveted models such as the Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet, Ferrari LaFerrari, and the ultra-luxurious one-off $700K Mansory Bushukan Rolls-Royce Phantom 8 sedan.

With Air Drake and his impressive array of automobiles, Drake continues to elevate the standards of extravagance in the realm of entertainment and luxury.


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