Chastain Faces Challenge in Pursuit of Second Win at Phoenix

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Chastain finds bid for repeat win at Phoenix “a little bit tough”

Chastain’s stellar performance in last fall’s Phoenix race, where he led 157 out of 312 laps, was a display of dominance. However, his playoffs elimination paved the way for Ryan Blaney to seize the Cup Series title with a runner-up finish.

Nevertheless, Chastain’s triumph, coupled with Trackhouse Racing’s strong start to the 2024 season, sets the stage for a potential repeat victory in Sunday’s race.

Reflecting on his November win at Phoenix, Chastain expressed how it eased many off-season burdens. Unlike previous years spent grappling with setting up his ride, team, and sponsorships, the aftermath of his victory brought unprecedented ease. “It’s almost indescribable,” he remarked.

Despite only three races into the new season, Chastain and teammate Daniel Suarez have already showcased their ability to contend for victories. Suarez secured a photo-finish win at Atlanta, securing his spot in the playoffs.

Chastain Faces Challenge in Pursuit of Second Win at Phoenix
Chastain Faces Challenge in Pursuit of Second Win at Phoenix (Credits: Motorsport)

However, Chastain’s bid for victory in each race has been marred by pit-road speeding penalties, a frustrating trend he acknowledged. Reflecting on his performance at Las Vegas, where a late-race pit strategy brought him back into contention, Chastain lamented the missed opportunity caused by self-inflicted setbacks.

Despite finishing fourth and maintaining fifth position in the series standings, Chastain couldn’t shake off the disappointment of potentially squandered victories.

With a keen awareness of missed opportunities, Chastain remains introspective about his performance, recognizing the competitive edge of his car and the potential for victory. Despite his frustrations, Chastain acknowledges the need for a positive outlook but struggles to move past self-inflicted errors.

Heading into Sunday’s race, Chastain and Suarez showed promising performance in practice sessions. However, Chastain voiced concerns over his car’s long-run speed and balance, a departure from his memories of last year’s triumph at the same venue.

Despite adjustments made in practice, Chastain feels the pressure to find the necessary grip to replicate past success.


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