Reportedly, the Nissan GT-R R35 will cease production in 2025.

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Nissan is poised to unveil details regarding the 2025 GT-R next week. As outlined by the Japanese magazine Mag-X, this marks the ultimate model year for the current R35 Nissan GT-R, concluding a production legacy initiated in 2007.

Crucially, the report specifies that the final production batch will be limited to 1,500 units, with 300 reserved for the high-performance GT-R Nismo variant. However, it remains uncertain whether these allocation slots will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis or through a lottery system, akin to the special edition Toyota GR Yaris models in Japan.

Limited Run for the Updated Model

As per the report, Nissan has communicated to its dealers its decision to halt production due to the discontinuation of several parts utilized in the current model.

The current iteration of the Nissan GT-R, currently available for purchase, represents a facelifted version of the R35 model. Launched in mid-2024, it features revamped front and rear fascias accompanied by a heightened price tag.

If the Japanese rumor holds true, this GT-R variant will undergo a brief two-year production stint in restricted quantities, although Nissan has yet to disclose the precise number of 2024 GT-Rs slated for production.

Another uncertainty looms over whether the final 1,500 units of the 2025 GT-R will be exclusively designated for Japan or will include allocations to other markets such as the US. Should the latter scenario unfold, the model’s swan song will be exceptionally scarce.

What Lies Ahead?

While Nissan has not officially confirmed the future trajectory of the GT-R nameplate, earlier reports indicate a shift towards electrification, with the next-generation model embracing the wild and futuristic styling of the Hyper Force concept.

According to Nissan’s program design director, Giovanny Arroba, the concept is not merely speculative but is anticipated to materialize by the close of the decade.

As with any speculative information, it’s advisable to approach this report with caution, as Nissan has yet to issue an official statement on the matter. However, clarity is expected soon, as the fate of the R35 is purportedly set to be determined on March 14, 2024.

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