Lawsuit Claims Jeep Sold Wrangler 4xe PHEVs Despite Knowing Fire Risk

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In November, Stellantis recalled over 32,000 Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrids due to fire risks, cautioning owners against parking near flammable structures until repairs were completed.

This wasn’t the first time the 4xe models faced recalls for battery concerns, and a recent lawsuit alleges that Stellantis had prior knowledge of the issue well before the recall announcement.

Plaintiffs from seven states initiated a class-action suit against Stellantis, asserting that the automaker was aware of the 4xe system’s tendency to catch fire. The lawsuit further contends that Stellantis omitted safety features that could have prevented these incidents. Quoting from the lawsuit via About Lawsuits:

“Without limitation, the Class Vehicles share a common defect… rendering the Class Vehicles unmerchantable and unfit for their ordinary use… FCA specifically advised owners… not to charge their batteries and not to drive the Class Vehicles in electric mode.”

The suit alleges that Stellantis neglected available safety technologies that could have prevented the fire risk despite being aware of the defect through standard testing procedures before the vehicles’ launch.

The lawsuit suggests that Stellantis prioritized maximizing electric and overall range over ensuring safety, thus endangering unsuspecting consumers.

The outcome of this lawsuit remains uncertain—whether it garners widespread support from affected owners or dissipates over time. Nonetheless, it represents another setback for the hybrid JL Wrangler, which has already faced 11 NHTSA recalls.

Legal challenges like this exacerbate Stellantis’ predicament, especially considering that the 4xe is the exclusive Wrangler variant sold in certain regions.

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