Boeing 737 Max Production Utilized Hotel Keycards and Dawn Dish Soap Amid 33 Failed FAA Safety Checks

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Boeing is currently facing a string of challenges as issues with its aircraft components continue to emerge. Recent incidents include a loose wheel that caused damage to a vehicle, and earlier this year, a door from a 737 Max aircraft detached during flight, prompting a thorough audit by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The FAA audit, akin to a quality control examination for major corporations, scrutinized 89 aspects of Boeing’s 737 Max production, along with 13 product audits at Spirit AeroSystems, a supplier of fuselages for the aircraft.

According to the New York Times, Boeing failed 33 of the inspections, with Spirit failing an additional seven. These failures highlighted over 95 instances of suspected noncompliance.

During the audit, the FAA observed concerning practices, including mechanics at Spirit using hotel key cards to check door seals, a procedure not properly documented in production orders. Another instance involved the application of liquid Dawn soap as a lubricant in the assembly process, followed by unclear cleaning procedures for the door seals.

The utilization of hotel key cards and dish soap in the production of aircraft worth millions is disconcerting, and Spirit acknowledges it as a “nonconformity.” Joe Buccino, a company spokesperson, stated that they are reviewing identified issues for corrective action.

Boeing, headquartered in Washington, has been given 90 days by the FAA to address deficiencies in its quality control processes. The audit, which encompassed various components of the 737 Max, revealed numerous instances of deviation from approved manufacturing processes and inadequate quality-control documentation.

While Boeing has yet to comment on the FAA’s findings, its safety protocols have faced scrutiny following a series of incidents involving the 737 Max aircraft. A recent congressional report highlighted “gaps in Boeing’s safety journey,” underscoring the need for comprehensive corrective measures.

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