Jorge Martin’s Time with Pramac MotoGP Team is Over, Ready or Not

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Martin’s time with Pramac MotoGP team ‘like it or not has come to an end’

Martin entered the MotoGP scene in 2021 with the Pramac Ducati team and clinched his first-ever victory at the Styrian Grand Prix in Austria.

In 2023, Martin engaged in a fierce battle for the championship against Francesco Bagnaia of the factory Ducati team. However, despite his efforts, he fell short at the final round of the season.

With five Grand Prix wins and ten sprint victories under his belt, Martin is poised to be a pivotal figure in the 2025 rider market. Expressing his desire to transition to a factory team, he has consistently hinted at his intentions.

In an exclusive interview with, team manager Borsoi discussed the evolving dynamics within Pramac Ducati. He acknowledged Ducati’s aspiration for Pramac to revert to its roots as a junior team, nurturing young talents before they ascend to the official team.

Jorge Martin's Time with Pramac MotoGP Team is Over, Ready or Not
Jorge Martin’s Time with Pramac MotoGP Team is Over, Ready or Not (Credits: Asharq AI-Awsat)

Borsoi hinted at the possibility of Martin moving on from Pramac, stating that his tenure with the team seems to be reaching its conclusion after several years of collaboration. He emphasized Martin’s performance, suggesting that he merits a spot on a factory bike for the upcoming season, whether with Ducati or elsewhere.

Reflecting on the recent season opener of 2024, where Martin secured third place in the grand prix after clinching victory in the preceding sprint race, Borsoi highlighted the challenges faced.

Despite grappling with bike issues throughout the weekend, Martin showcased remarkable resilience, particularly during the sprint race where he overcame significant obstacles to secure victory.

However, Borsoi lamented that cautious strategy during the main race, driven by concerns over vibrations and tire wear, hindered Martin’s ability to contend for victory against Bagnaia. He noted that a more conservative approach ultimately cost them the opportunity to challenge for the win.


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