MG Endorses Stringent Emissions Standards For Australia

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MG Endorses Stringent Emissions Standards For Australia
MG Endorses Stringent Emissions Standards For Australia

MG has thrown its support behind the Australian Government’s proposed New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (NVES), highlighting its benefits for consumers and the environment. CEO Peter Ciao expressed strong support for the initiative, emphasizing its role in providing cleaner and more affordable vehicles amid increasing living costs.

MG sees the standard as a positive step towards reducing emissions and promoting healthier communities. The company plans to expand its electric and hybrid lineup, with offerings in every segment it competes in.

Already featuring electric models like the MG 4 and ZS EV, along with the plug-in hybrid HS Plus EV, MG is set to introduce more eco-friendly options, including a hybrid variant of the upcoming MG 3 and the electric Cyberster convertible.

An MG Cyberster (Credits MG Motor)
An MG Cyberster (Credits MG Motor)

Under the proposed NVES, carmakers will face targets for average CO2 emissions per kilometer across their vehicle fleets, incentivizing the production of low or zero-emission vehicles.

The government’s preferred Option B aims for significant reductions in CO2 intensity, with penalties imposed on carmakers failing to meet targets. Credits will be awarded for exceeding targets and can be traded or used to offset penalties.

While major manufacturers like Toyota, Ford, and Volkswagen support emissions regulations, they have called for adjustments to Option B, suggesting elements from the more lenient Option A be incorporated.

Despite potential amendments, MG remains steadfast in its endorsement of the NVES, underscoring its commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction.


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