Formula E Implements Manufacturers’ Trophy Concept: Enhancing Championship Dynamics for 2024

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Formula E implements Manufacturers’ Trophy for 2024

The Formula E championship, celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, has unveiled an innovative new concept ahead of the Sao Paulo E-Prix this weekend.

Under the new format, the two highest-scoring cars from each manufacturer in every race will be selected, with points awarded according to the current scoring system used for both the drivers’ and teams’ championships.

Presently, Formula E boasts competition from six manufacturers, namely Electric Racing Technologies, Jaguar, Mahindra Racing, Nissan, Porsche, and Stellantis.

In an interview with select media, including, prior to the Brazil race, championship co-founder Alberto Longo disclosed that the concept had been extensively deliberated upon to enhance the championship’s attractiveness to manufacturers.

Formula E
Formula E (Credits: RACER)

“We need to keep on attracting different manufacturers so definitely there has been discussion with the FIA that allows us to have different championships within the championship,” Longo said.

“We decided that the best option was to have a soft launch during this season and then it will become an FIA world championship from Season 11 onwards. So basically, what we want to do is a little bit of a test from now until the end of the season.”

The Manufacturers’ Trophy will include results from the opening three races of this season, comprising Mexico City and a double-header in Diriyah, where Jaguar currently leads the standings.

Prizes for clinching the top spot in the new standings include a unique trophy to be awarded at the end of the season during Formula E’s prize-giving ceremony. The winning manufacturer will also receive a badge to be displayed on helmets, cars, and team apparel in the subsequent season.

Addressing the timing of the introduction of the concept during the season, Formula E CEO Jeff Dodds explained, “The beauty of being us is that we’re very flexible, we’re very agile, and we’re effectively a gangly teenager in motorsport terms [having only reached ten years this season].

“We could have waited until next season and done a big launch, but on the other hand we thought we’ve still got 13 races to go, why wouldn’t we just develop it even if it’s not perfect.

“We have to backdate it to the start, why would we wait? Why don’t we just create something, create a bit more excitement.”

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