Thierry Neuville: Clarifying Future Amid Rally1 Regulation Changes

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Hyundai driver Thierry Neuville clarified his future in response to recent speculation about his potential retirement. While his contract with Hyundai is set to expire, Neuville reiterated his desire for a two-year extension, emphasizing his commitment to continuing in the championship.

Neuville clarified that retirement would only be considered if Hyundai were to withdraw from the championship, contrary to media interpretations. He reaffirmed his dedication to the sport and expressed optimism about continuing with Hyundai if they extend their partnership.

In light of the FIA’s proposed changes to Rally1 technical regulations, Neuville voiced opposition, advocating for stability until the end of 2026. He emphasized the need for constructive dialogue among manufacturers and stakeholders to ensure sensible regulation changes that benefit the sport’s future.

Neuville highlighted the lack of consultation with drivers and teams in the decision-making process, expressing disappointment with the disregard for their input. Despite uncertainties surrounding the sport’s direction, Neuville remains committed to competing and contributing to its growth.

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