Formula E Insights: Dennis and Wehrlein on Racing Challenges

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Following contrasting results at the Diriyah E-Prix double-header, Jake Dennis reflects on his performance and anticipates improvements for the upcoming race in Brazil. Despite a commanding win in the opening race, Dennis encountered challenges in the sequel, prompting a thorough analysis of the team’s performance.

Identifying a lack of all-round grip in qualifying as a key issue, Dennis believes the break between races has allowed the team to address underlying issues effectively. He expresses confidence in the team’s ability to learn from past mistakes and make necessary adjustments for future races.

Dennis remains cautious about qualifying challenges in Brazil but emphasizes the team’s determination to overcome obstacles and maintain competitiveness. He acknowledges the importance of optimizing the one-lap pace and adapting to different race strategies to achieve favorable results.

Meanwhile, Pascal Wehrlein anticipates a unique racing style at the Sao Paulo E-Prix, characterized by a peloton-style approach where drivers aim to conserve energy by staying in the slipstream. He emphasizes the team’s efforts to understand race dynamics and improve performance based on previous experiences.


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