FIA’s Track Limit Crackdown: Controversy at Portuguese GP

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The controversy surrounding track limits has become a recurring theme in Formula 1, raising questions about the consistency of enforcement across different circuits. While the FIA aims to maintain fairness and consistency, the interpretation of track limits often sparks debates among drivers, teams, and fans alike.

In response to the ongoing discussions, the FIA introduced stringent measures to monitor track limits during the Portuguese Grand Prix weekend. Turn 14 at the Algarve International Circuit emerged as a focal point, with drivers regularly exceeding track boundaries to gain an advantage.

The governing body installed sensors and cameras at key locations around the circuit to monitor instances of track limit violations accurately. These measures aimed to provide real-time data to race control, enabling them to enforce penalties swiftly and consistently.

Despite these efforts, controversies persisted during the race weekend, with several drivers receiving warnings and penalties for exceeding track limits at Turn 14. The issue reignited discussions about the challenges of policing track limits effectively and the need for standardized enforcement procedures across all circuits.

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