Fisker Faces Challenges Following Negative Review of the Ocean by Influential YouTuber

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Fisker has found itself in hot water lately, especially after a scathing review by a popular YouTuber shed light on several issues plaguing the Ocean, the company’s latest offering.

In a video titled “This is the Worst Car, I’ve Ever Reviewed,” Marques Brownlee, with a substantial 18.5 million followers, didn’t mince words, bringing attention to various flaws and delays encountered during the review process.

Brownlee’s frustrations began with Fisker repeatedly delaying the provision of a review vehicle. Eventually, he managed to obtain one from a local Mitsubishi dealership, which had a lightly used Ocean in stock.

However, even after acquiring the vehicle, Fisker requested Brownlee to delay his review due to ongoing software issues, promising an upcoming update to rectify the problems.

The review highlighted numerous issues within the Ocean despite its appealing exterior design. Brownlee discovered blank buttons, an absence of crucial information about the rooftop solar panels’ performance, and impractical features like a bulky center armrest. He concluded the review by expressing his reluctance to drive the Ocean, even if it were given to him for free.

Following the review, Fisker scrambled to mitigate the fallout. A senior engineer from the company reached out to the Mitsubishi dealership to address the situation. However, the conversation between the engineer and the dealership’s managers only raised further questions about Fisker’s handling of the matter.

During the call, the engineer admitted that Brownlee’s review had rattled the company’s management, including founder Henrik Fisker.

There was mention of an impending 2.0 software update intended to address some of the issues raised in the review. However, it was revealed that the update was incomplete and might not resolve all the identified issues.

The aftermath of Brownlee’s review has been significant for Fisker, with its stock price plummeting by 50 percent. While it’s unclear if the review directly influenced this decline, it certainly added to the company’s existing challenges.

Fisker’s troubles were already evident, with reports of potential bankruptcy looming on the horizon even before the review aired. Brownlee’s critique may have exacerbated the situation, further denting Fisker’s reputation and investor confidence.

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