Wolff Worried About Repeating Horner’s Mistake with Red Bull’s F1 Control

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Wolff doesn’t want to fall into Horner “trap” over Red Bull F1 dominance

Red Bull’s current dominance with its RB20 car has positioned the team as a formidable contender for this year’s Formula 1 world championships, potentially paving the way for a complete sweep of race victories.

Building on its impressive performance in the 2023 season, Red Bull’s continued success has raised concerns within the F1 community regarding the impact on the sport’s popularity if a more competitive front-runner fails to emerge.

While Red Bull’s rivals struggle to narrow the performance gap, questions have arisen about whether the new generation of F1 regulations has failed to deliver the anticipated excitement. However, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff disagrees with this assessment.

Wolff rejects the notion that the regulations are to blame for Red Bull’s dominance, emphasizing instead the responsibility of other teams to elevate their performance.

Wolff Worried About Repeating Horner's Mistake with Red Bull's F1 Control
Wolff Worried About Repeating Horner’s Mistake with Red Bull’s F1 Control (Credits: Motorsport)

He cautions against replicating the approach advocated by Red Bull’s Christian Horner in 2015 when he urged the FIA to intervene and equalize competition as Mercedes enjoyed similar dominance.

“There’s no need to repeat past mistakes,” Wolff remarked. “Red Bull has demonstrated exceptional performance over the past two years, and credit must be given where it’s due. They have established a significant lead, and it’s incumbent upon us to close the gap.”

Ferrari currently stands as Red Bull’s closest competitor, albeit trailing by a few tenths in both qualifying and race conditions. Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur remains optimistic about the team’s prospects, focusing on maximizing the performance of their SF-24 rather than attributing shortcomings to the regulations.

Vasseur’s approach underscores a commitment to continuous improvement, irrespective of current standings. “Our focus remains on development and pushing the limits of our car,” he stated.

“Regardless of our position relative to Red Bull, our goal is relentless progress. We acknowledge their advantage but remain dedicated to bridging the gap through ongoing development and perseverance.”


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