Andretti Driver’s Strategy Woes in Brazil E-Prix: Communication Lapses

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During the Brazil race, an Andretti driver showcased impressive performance, climbing from 10th on the grid to contend for victory, leading at various intervals during the 34-lap contest.

However, despite taking both Attack Mode activations, communication issues between the driver and the team hindered their strategic advantage. The driver expressed confusion regarding the instructions regarding the second Attack Mode activation, leading to a less-than-ideal execution.

Acknowledging the missed opportunity, the driver highlighted the need for better coordination between themselves and the team to capitalize on strategic elements, aiming to learn from the experience for future races.

Despite having more energy than the eventual winner and the runner-up, the driver faced challenges due to soaring internal car temperatures, resulting in a loss of power and dropping back in the final laps.

Ultimately, a lunge from behind by another driver in the last corner of the race further impacted the outcome, pushing the Andretti driver down to fifth position at the checkered flag.

Reflecting on the race, the driver remained optimistic about the learnings and aimed to be better prepared for similar situations in future competitions.


By Annie Linardos

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