Lando Norris Advocates for Driver Comfort Amid Ground-Effect Challenges

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The return of ground-effect machinery in 2022, coupled with the crucial role of rear ride height in performance, necessitates running cars at very low and stiff configurations.

This setup, while enhancing performance, poses discomfort for drivers, leading to consistent complaints from several prominent figures within the sport.

As the FIA embarks on framing regulations for 2026, Lando Norris emphasizes the importance of addressing driver comfort to mitigate physical strain effectively.

Noting the responsibility lies with the FIA rather than teams to prioritize driver comfort, Norris calls for regulations that prevent teams from pushing designs to extreme levels, ensuring a balance between performance and driver well-being.

While improvements have been made compared to previous years, concerns persist regarding the toll on drivers due to the need for low and stiff setups.

Norris and his teammate, Oscar Piastri, agree on the necessity for continued efforts to enhance driver comfort, recognizing the competitiveness of the sport’s nature and its impact on drivers’ physical well-being.

Dana Phio

By Dana Phio

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