BMW’s Potential Entry into MotoGP: CEO Markus Flasch’s Perspectives

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BMW, historically hesitant to field a factory team in MotoGP, appears to be reconsidering its stance under the leadership of Markus Flasch, who succeeded Markus Schramm as the CEO of BMW Motorrad. With MotoGP set to introduce new rules in 2027, BMW is now open to the possibility of entering grand prix racing.

Flasch acknowledged BMW’s existing involvement as a MotoGP vehicle partner and expressed openness to further engagement, provided it aligns with the brand’s objectives.

He emphasized the need for a strategic evaluation to determine the feasibility and benefits of joining MotoGP, signaling a departure from the previous reluctance under Schramm’s leadership.

BMW’s current participation in top-level motorcycle racing includes the World Superbike Championship and the FIM Endurance World Championship. Flasch indicated that alongside evaluating MotoGP, BMW would also assess its continued commitment to existing racing formats.

The shift in BMW’s perspective towards MotoGP contrasts with Schramm’s previous reluctance, highlighting a potential shift in the company’s motorsport strategy under Flasch’s leadership. As discussions unfold, BMW’s potential entry into MotoGP could contribute to achieving Dorna’s goal of broadening the manufacturer base in the series.


By Jayson O'Neil

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