Alpine’s Technical Restructuring: Response to Unexpected Season Start

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Alpine anticipated a subdued start to the season due to a late conceptual change, resulting in a marginal improvement over the winter compared to its competitors.

However, the extent of their struggles in Bahrain came as a surprise, with Alpine emerging as one of the slowest teams on the 2024 grid, a trend that continued in Saudi Arabia.

Following the disappointing performances, the Enstone-based squad initiated a restructuring of its technical team, opting for a McLaren-inspired three-pillared approach.

This new structure encompasses technical directors specializing in aerodynamics, engineering, and performance, aiming to foster a more collaborative and agile working environment.

Alpine’s team principal, Famin, expressed shock at their qualifying position in Bahrain but highlighted the necessity of organizational changes in response to their performance.

He emphasized the importance of translating trackside improvements into factory processes, emphasizing a shift towards a more inclusive and innovative development approach.

Famin remains optimistic about the potential of their redeveloped A524 despite early setbacks. Recognizing the need for a change in approach, Famin outlined their commitment to addressing the car’s underlying issues and implementing a more holistic development strategy to propel Alpine forward in the competitive field.

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