Katie Price’s Pink Passion: The Drive Behind Her Auto Dreams

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When it comes to pursuing her automotive dreams, nothing can deter Katie Price, the well-known glamour model and reality star in the UK, especially if those dreams involve the color pink.

Price’s rise to fame began as a glamour model, transcending into various facets of showbiz, including reality television, music, fashion, and wellness. Recognized by her alias “Jordan,” she has notably transitioned away from modeling for men’s magazines.

Beyond her entertainment career, Price is renowned for her passion for cars, particularly those in pink, aligning herself with a modern-day Barbie persona. Despite facing financial challenges, numerous driving bans, and DUI arrests, her love for cars remains unwavering.

Recently declared bankrupt due to a substantial tax debt of £750,000 (approximately $950,500), Price continues to pursue her automotive aspirations. Amid financial turmoil, she expressed interest in owning a hot pink Porsche 911 GT3 RS, indicative of her enduring fascination with pink cars, despite her financial setbacks.

This enthusiasm persists despite recent repossession incidents, including bailiffs seizing five of her eight cars, including her iconic pink Suzuki Vitara. Facing legal issues over driving offenses hasn’t dampened her desire for custom pink Ferraris and Bentleys, underscoring her unwavering passion for vibrant automotive aesthetics.


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