Putin’s Gift to Kim Jong Un: Aurus Senat Limousine Raises Eyebrows

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Kim Jong Un was presented with a luxurious sedan by Vladimir Putin, a gift far too grand to be stashed away in a garage. Recently, the North Korean leader was spotted arriving at an event in Pyongyang aboard the Aurus Senat sedan.

The Senat is believed to be Putin’s token of gratitude following the reception of over one million units of artillery, transported in more than 6,700 containers, exchanged for food stored in approximately 9,000 containers.

Both nations deny this transaction, aiming to shield Russia’s arms import to Ukraine from Western scrutiny. Nonetheless, rumors suggest that the shipment included a Russian-manufactured Aurus Senat, which arrived in Seoul on February 18th.

Kim Jong Un’s joy at the luxurious black limousine was no secret, especially after expressing admiration for the vehicle during his visit to Russia in September of the previous year.

During that visit, Putin even invited Kim Jong Un to take a seat in the back and join him for a ride, a gesture intended to impress. According to an official statement from the Kremlin, Kim Jong Un was thoroughly impressed, prompting Putin to send him one as a gift.

The shipment’s breach of a United Nations resolution intended to pressure North Korea into discontinuing its nuclear weapons program is undeniable. However, it appears that both Putin and Kim Jong Un are undeterred by international sanctions, with their camaraderie flourishing.

Moreover, there are whispers of Putin planning a visit to North Korea, and sending the same car there could be his way of ensuring a similar experience to the one he enjoys at home.

Thus, Kim Jong Un has had to resort to clandestine means to import luxury limousines into the country for some time. While Mercedes denies ever supplying Maybachs to the dictator, reports indicate his ownership of a Maybach S-Class, a Maybach GLS, and an S-Class Pullman.

The Aurus Senat utilized by the Korean leader is presumed to be identical to the Russian presidential motorcade’s, albeit likely customized with special security features. Equipped with a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine paired with an electric motor, it delivers a total output of 600 horsepower.

Its nine-speed automatic transmission facilitates smooth power delivery, although its weighty, bulletproof construction ensures it’s no nimble performer on the road.

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